TEAMeeting (TM) is based on a methodology that was developed by management experts and tested by practitioners in the field.  Many platforms support the administrative aspects of  meetings, a few even offer notes taking and task management tools.  However, TEAMeeting is the only  solution to meeting management that was designed from a team prospective and operates on issues (called items) the team (not individuals) decided to review.  Focusing on followup and accountability of all team members, TEAMeeting delivers results!

Accountability – is very different from ownership.  Accountability is the assignment of an action item by the team, to a team member.

Followup – is not a due date.  It is a point in time when a team gets update on an issue.  Naturally, an issue or an item may be reviews by a team multiple times.

Use TM to manage senior management, departmental, supervisory, one on one, and the meeting of any other group to improve  efficiency and establish accountability. TM manages the agenda for teams and accountability items for each member.

TEAMeeting provides each user with a personal home-page that lists all the teams the user joined, all items the user is accountable for, and a list of past and future meetings. No follow-up will ever evaporate…and meeting decisions and minutes will always be available for you.

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Transform your meetings.
Efficiency! Accountability! Results!

TEAMeeting® will significantly improve the productivity and efficiency of any group that meets on a regular basis.  Meetings are the most “expensive” human activity done in any organization in order to achieve organizational goals. Management, departmental, staff or supervisory regular meetings will be more productive and efficient using TM.

TEAMeeting®  is a a “cloud” based service that helps you manage your team process while tracking within and between meetings the progress of all decisions and action plan, making team/meeting members fully accountable for their commitments while no follow-up “evaporate” and no action item lost!

At any time participants would know what are they accountable for, when they need to present and what to the team? And this will be true for any meeting workers will ever attend!

TEAMeeting® method is not a project management tool; or task management app. It was designed and implemented as a meeting management process in many organizations; now the management experts from the academia and the field consulting have collaborated to provide companies with a new web service technology that will bring efficiency to all its consecutive users.


Although the software is simple to operate, we suggest you follow the directions here to fully take advantage of this service and upgrade your team & meetings results to its ultimate ability!