Add an Aenda Item

There are a few ways to add an item to the agenda.

Team view

  • Click on the Teams tab and select the appropriate team from the pull down menu.
  • In a team view you see a list of team members and under it all team’s items organized in a table.  Click on the “+Add” icon under the table.  This will open the Add item form.
    Comment: the add item and review item forms look the same but are used for different functions.
  • Fill in the form:
    • Title
      The name of this item.
    • Type
      Select between discusion, decision, and update
    • Introduced by
      The default is the user name but you can change it to any other team member.
    • Recurring
      Check mark the box if you want this item to be part of every meeting.
    • Meeting
      Select a date.  The list is of all scheduled future meetings.
    • Comment Decision
      Information about the item
  • Click on “Add Agenda Item” to submit and save this item.

This item will show up only on the agenda of the meeting you select.

Meeting view

You can also add items to agenda during a meeting.  When you select “Run a meeting” from the top menu you see a list of all items on the agenda for that meeting.  The “+Add” icon under the list will let you add items to the list.

  • The item is added to a specific meeting’s agenda so you are not asked for a date
  • No option to mark the item as a recurring issue.

The icon to add item will stay on the screen during the entire meeting so adding new item can be done any time.  Items are added to the agenda.

Duplicate item

Duplicate item will add a new agenda item item is is based on one that was already reviewed by the team.   For more details see managing a meeting