New User Registration

Before you start:

You will be asked to provide the following information when you Register:

  • First Name.
  • Last name.
  • Display name.  This is the name other users see when you join a team.
  • Email address.  Also used as your login ID.
  • Password.  Enter password twice to avoid typing errors.
  • Organization.  The business, agency, or group you belong to.
  • Time Zone.  TEAMeeting supports global teams with members in different time zones


  • Action buttons are green, at the buttom or the right side of the frame.
  • Hyperlinks (blue) are there to lead you to more content.
  • email is used for Login.  Display name is


  1. Click on the registration icon, it will open the registration form.
  2. Fill up the form.RegistrationForm
    • First Name
    • Last name
    • Display name
    • Email address
    • Password
    • Organization
  3. Mark the check box next to “I read and agree with the terms of use “.
  4. Click on the green register icon to confirm registration.

Wait for confirmation.  before you continue.