Managing a meeting

You are using a beta version of the service.
There is always a risk of errors, lost data, and limited functionality.
Keep records and prints of agenda items and minutes.

Before the meeting

Here is a list of action item and important issues you should cover before the meeting:

  • Send people a reminder to check accountability items a day or two before the meeting.
  • The type of the agenda requires the worker who fills up the form to think about the expectations h/she has from the team in the process.  There are three types of agenda items
    • Update
      A member updates the team about an action or provide information that does not require any action by the team.
    • Discussion
      A member asks for the team’s input; ideas,view, and thoughts about an issue.  However, no action is required.
    • Decision
      A member is expecting the team make review an item and make decisions that requires some action.  This type of agenda item is assigned to a team member (accountable to the item) and gets a due date for followup..
  • During a review, a team may change the type of any item.
  • The review of an item is complete when a note taker summarizes the review and assign an accountable member and a followup date for decisions type items.

At the meeting

Start the meeting by reviewing and adjusting the agenda:

  • Identify the note taker for that meeting.
  • Verify that TEAMeeting service has at least 2 more meetings scheduled.  If you think some action items may last a long time, make sure a meeting is schedule for that time.
  • Have participants review the agenda for the meeting.  This includes new and follow-up items from past meetings.  The use of overhead projector is recommended.
  • Invite team members to add agenda items.  This is also a good opportunity to remind members that they can visit TEAMeeting and add items to any agenda at anytime.  If needed, new items can be added to agenda during the meeting.

Using TEAMeeting

  • Login to TEAMeeting
  • Click on the “Run a meetin” tab.  Select the meeting from a drop down list.  The list shows a team name and a date.
    Important: if you are e member of multiple teams you may be able to start different meeting.  Select the correct one!
  • You can now cancel, reschedule, or start the meeting.  If you select “Start meeting”  the meeting starts.
  • Updating the forum is important:
    • Team members (Check mark for easy and fast update).
    • Location.
    • Note taker
    • Guests (optional).
  • Confirm by clicking “Start meeting.  Meeting in progress and you can see the clock ticking…

Understanding the meeting screen

    • All items are organized in 2 groups: Agenda and Reviewed.
    • When the review of an item is complete, it is placed in the Reviewed group.
    • Select any item to review by clicking on the title.  This may apply to items that were already reviewed.

Hand A small icon identify items as a new item
Arrow A small icon identify items as a follow-up from past meetings.
move Action icon. Move a new item to a future meeting.

Click on the move icon  and select a future date.  The item will be removed from the agenda of the current meeting.  Not available for follow-up items.

The review process.

Select an item by clicking on the title.  This will open the update window.  At the top is the team name and title.  Here is the information you can update:

    • Title
      Change the title (if needed)
    • Type
      Select between Discussion, Decision and Update.
      If you select Decision it means action and follow-up date.  Select the accountable member and the follow-up date.
      Comment: the accountable person is one of the members.  Follow-up date is selected from a list of future scheduled meetings.
    • Comment/ Decision
      Notes that summarize the review of this item.

When the review is done you can complete the item if it is a discussion or Update.  This item will not show up in future agendas.  If the team made a decision and action is required the item is assigned to the accountable member.  You may click “Assign” and complete the review or click “Assign and duplicate“.

Assign and Duplicate.
In some situation a team may realize that an item is too big or complex and decide to break it up into multiple items.  Duplicate keeps the history of the original item but let you change the title, assign accountability to different members and even to different meetings.  An example may be “Refreshments for year end party”, an item the team may duplicate and change titles to create “”Food for year end party” and “Drinks for year end party“, agenda items that now can be assigned to different team members.

Finish the meeting

At the end of the meeting click “Finish meeting”  This will close the meeting, update the meeting’s minutes, and place agenda items in future meetings.

Comment:  Meeting will auto-finish after 5 hours.

Other issues:

  • Adding Agenda item
  • Reschedule an item to a future meeting
  • Remove an item
  • View / Print agenda
  • View / Print minutes