Add Agenda Item

Agenda items can be added any time.  They are visible to all team members and may be edited during a meeting or in between meetings (based on permission).  Agenda items are always assigned to a member and have a followup date.


Administrator is a member of a team (not the creator) who was assigned administrative privileges.  Administrators can perform tasks like inviting new members that regular members cannot.  An administrator can give other members administrative privileges.


The collection of all items that are marked for review in a given meeting.  Items can be added by any member any time, be assigned to a team member during a meeting, or be a spin off  from another item (see Assign and Duplicate).

Agenda Item

An issue that was identified and documented by a team member for team review.  In each review items are completed or assigned to an accountable team member for a future review.  All Agenda items have an accountable member and a review date.


When a team is reviewing an item and make a decision to review it in a future meeting.  The Assignment includes the date of the future meeting and the accountable team member.

Assign and Duplicate

Creates a new agenda item that is based on item currently reviewed.  It lets a team split the accountability of a complex item between multiple team members or set reviews to different future meetings.


 When viewing teams information, a calendar displays scheduled meetings for the current and next three months.

Create a new team

Registered users can create new teams any time. The creator of a new team can invite other to join the team and delegate administrative rights (optional)


Any registered user of Team Meeting can create a team.  The creator is the first team member, he can can invite others to join, delegate administrative privileges (or take them away) to other team members.  The creator can also suspend members and close teams.

Follow Up

All active items have a followup date.  This date is a date of a future meeting and is set by the team during a meeting at the time an agenda item is reviewed.  The only time a followup date can be changed is when an item is review during a meeting.  Canceling  or rescheduling a meeting will automatically adjust followup dates.

Full List

An option to change the calendar view of scheduled meeting to a list view.  The list can show more than four months of meetings.

Future Meeting

Teams must have at least one future meeting scheduled before a meeting can start.  It enables setting the time for followup of decisions that will be made during the meeting.  New future meetings can be added to team schedule any time.

Invite Member

Invite a person to join a team, this generates an invite email.  Invited members will see a invitation message next time they login.  Non members are invited to register and are added automatically to the team.


Requires user ID (email) and password.


Meeting is a team event.  Start by clicking on the “Run a meeting” tab at the top of the page, it will drop a menu of all current (and missed) meeting of teams you are a member.  The agenda for this meeting will show.

Important: Only items that were set for review in that meeting are showing.  The team may have more items.

    1. You can cancel or re-schedule a meeting. If not click on “Start a Meeting” button.
    2. Update the forum (participants), location (can be on-line), the note taker for that meeting, and any guest.
    3. When you start a meeting all items are Agenda items.  Click the title to review an item.  “Address” will close an item and move it from the “Agenda” to the “Reviewed” list.
    4. Click finish when you are done


A member of a team.  Can be the creator, an administrator, or a regular member.

Message to team

 Send an email to all team members.

My Items

A list of all agenda items from

My teams


Past Meetings

A section of the teams view that keeps a list of all past meetings.  A click on the meeting’s date will show the minutes of the meeting and the decisions made for each item.


The process of setting a TEAMeeting account.  Registration is free.  Joining a team (by invite) is also free.


Role describes the type of membership in a team.  Each team has a creator and other members in the role of a member or administrators.  The role of a creator never changes.  The creator and the administrators can change the role of regular members.

Run a meeting



The list of future meetings set for a team.

Settings (team view)


Suspended teams



Team Meeting is organized around teams.  A team has a creator who can invite other to join.  The decides when and where to meet, what issues to discuss, assign accountability for action items, and followup on those items.

A registered user can create multiple teams and  join teams that other created.  The role of a member may be different on each team.

Team Members

Team Registration Expired