Join our network of professional associates

We work with our partner to deliver quality service and value to users of the TEAMeeting® service.

When you join our network, we will introduce you to the TEAMeeting methodology and  tools, and add your name to the growing list of TEAMeeting Certified Associate.

Adding TEAMeeting to the array of products and services you offer presents your customers with great value:

  • Benefit from new methodology that improves team’s productivitsilueta1y.
  • Discover a simple and effective tool for managing meetings.
  • Track commitments and accountability.
  • Enhance team’s collaboration.

And there is some value for you too:

  • Introduce a new methodology that manages accountability of team members over the span of multiple meetings.
  • New consulting and training opportunities.
  • Deliver real value to your customers, at no cost to you.

On top of it all, enjoy a recurring income for as long as your referral keeps paying for the service.
To become a TEAMeeting® associate you need to be a Qualified professional in the field of Organizational development/management consulting/software consultant ;  complete TEAMeeting® training (individual face to face or video conferencing session).  The free training introduces the TEAMeeting methodology and system. Once certified, associates benefit from our revenue sharing program, get exposure on our web site, and benefit from new consulting and training opportunities.

To join, or for more information about the program please email contact information to: