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teamThere is a reason for the jokes and horror stories we hear about meetings.

Running an efficient and productive meeting is not an easy task.  It takes a long time to develop managerial skills and even longer time to teach and train a good meeting facilitator.

Teams that utilize TEAMeeting® methodology are more productive and efficient than teams that don’t use any tool or the wrong tool.  However, sometimes the transition is not an easy process and it may shift the focus from the team’s objectives to the team’s interworking.

If you suspect (or know) there is room for improvement in the way meetings are facilitated  in your organization and not sure on how to introduce changes we recommend calling for help.  In many situations, an outsider with the right skills (like a management consultant or an organizational development expert) can identify the source of a problem and offer a solution.

All our associates are business professionals who completed the TEAMeeting® training and are certified to support and train users.

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